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Yoga In Summer | Need To Know

Yoga In Summer Need To Know
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Exercise or  Yoga safely in summer. May-June month means high temperature. This superfine yoga practice does not seem to be unbearable for doing normal work. On one hand, the responsibility of saving the body, on the other hand. Work urgency Thinking about what to do, he came to the body with fatigue. So let’s know how, when, and how many yoga exercises this body will keep healthy during this summer. Follow the list of food catalogs with them.


When To Practice Yoga In Summer:

Keep yoga practice away from high temperature. After avoiding the dawn, before sunrise in the morning and after sunset in the afternoon, practice yoga. There will be little fatigue. And yoga practice will get results. Yoga practice by taking a few tiffins in the morning or evening.


How Long Do Yoga Practice:

Without the habit of practicing this long, you have to exercise a little hand, some seats, mind-blowing exercises, breathing and urinating, you will see your body grow faster, you can see it faster. Do not ever practice this long in the yoga practice. It can be reversed in the opposite direction.


What Kind Of Seats In Summer, Will Practice Balsam:

The places that will be used in this keen summer season are Padmasana, Vajrajana, Arcturkarmasan, Yogmashasana, Pavan Muktasana, Dhanurasana, Half-Shovan. With it, you will be able to express your thoughts, easy breathing, and Om’s names. Stay in the middle of the house for a while, without having to practice all seats indefinitely. In the habit of habit, fatigue will be removed in the body and the body is free from disease and the prana habit will be prolonged and the mind will be calm.


Seat Method:


Put the two knees in the knees and put two shawls on the top and put it in the front of the salute and bow down to the front and bow down to the house. The stomach and the chest with the thigh and the forehead will remain on the ground.



At the Padma, sit in the Padma and keep your hands near the navel and shake the nose and forehead in front of the body. And two elbows will be on the feet, the breath will be normal.


Easy Breathing:

Keep the spine straight in any meditation and gradually reduce your head with the breath, and then slowly gently lower your face. In this way practice one to two minutes.


Never Have Extra And Difficult Seats:

Do not practice more seats and tough seats in extremely hot weather. This will cause fatigue in the body and prevent your daily activities. So do four or five seats and practice life and action. If needed, take the advice of a specialist.



  • Drink pure water regularly four to five liters.
  • Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables.
  • Eat more seasonal fruits and salads.
  • Keep regular talk or charity with rice.
  • Eat food to chili, do not eat quickly. (Better if vegetarian.)
  • Drink fruit juices or sugars.
  • Avoid fast food, hotel foods.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking.


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