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Yoga Importance For Students

Yoga Importance For Students
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Yoga Importance For Students and children. First, a healthy body, healthy mind then study sports. Each child reaches the family and the backbone of the country. They do not grow healthy, fit and intelligent, great damage. In the era of competition, in the age of the Internet, under the pressure of education and modern eating habits, they are somewhat crippled and sick. As a result of their ever-working career, they are suffering from constipation, obesity, emotional age. Obesity, inferiority, loneliness, physical growth started from the beginning to rough temperament.

Yoga importance for students from ancient age with proved. Many ancient and glorious Yoga practices of India could be started from primary to college if they were regularly run as 45-minute classes, but if we do not, Gandhi, Netaji, Patel, Bhagat Singh will not have the courage to build their dream India.

Yoga For 8-12 Year-Olds

Standing One Step:

Stand upright by pairing the legs. Keeping the left leg half fold and crossing the right knee. Keep the head straight on the head with a gentle hand. Vision will be in front. (Twice in 30 seconds). Gradually lower your hands and move to the ground with the left foot. Do the same foot practice right foot.

Side Circle Added:

Keep the distance between two feet to 2 feet. Just fold the half of the two hands and make the interlock behind the head. Keeping the brittle strong, you can move as much as you can on the left side. Come back again and again to the right. Practice on both sides 6-8 times.

Junk Yoga:

Stand up with two legs. Raise two hands straight on the head. Then remove the breath from the feet to the head, break from the head to the head, and take two hands to the feet. Pull the stomach inside. To practice 30 seconds three times.

Cadet Corp And Spot Run:

Practice cadet corps in one place, 2 minutes After that, the score is 2 minutes.

Boat Yoga:

Put the two hands on the floor and sit on the ground. The feet of the feet rise 1 fit from the ground, and then present the head and the chest in front of the front. Keep two hands straight from the Thai 4 inches straight. To practice 30 seconds three times.

Bridges Yoga:

 Lie down, keep two legs straight. Put two hands on two sides. Keep two hands on the surface and keep it near your stomach, gradually increase the waist. Throat and head lie in the ground. You have to practice 40 seconds twice.

Foursquare Yoga:

 Put your feet on the back. Now put the four leg on the ground and straighten the legs from the knee, put one arm on the waist. Turn your hand palm over the ankle to the other hand, turning it like a clockwise. Then remove the other hand and apply a pallet on the other ankle. (30 seconds to double) then return to the previous position. After 10 seconds of rest, you have to practice the second time.

Loknath Yoga:

First, you have to sit straight and spread legs. Then break the left leg and place it on the right side of the right side. Break the right leg on the left and place it on the left side of the left foot. Break the right-hand half and put it on the head over the head. Fold the left hand down and take it back to the back. Clip and hold between two hand fingers (30 seconds). After this, first, clap hands and legs and open the left side. 2 times.

Fish Yoga:

Stretch your head with the help of two arms, crush the back of the head and place it on the ground. Put two hands on two sides. So stay 30 seconds. Practice 2 times.

After each session, you have to take rest. It is recommended to practice after 3 hours of eating.

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