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Why Does Hemoglobin Decrease?

Why Does Hemoglobin Decrease

Blood is actually a type of connective tissue. Its main work basically protects the relationship between all the body. Not only does the blood transmit food and oxygen to every cell of the body, but the body-made waste and carbon dioxide exits the body and keeps the body healthy. The body also plays an important role in the prevention of diseases.

Blood red color is made of red blood. The blood color is red for him by a hemoglobin prostate called hemoglobin in the RBC. One of the most important functions of the blood, the oxygen supply, and carbon dioxide emitted in the cells, it is mainly hemoglobin. So for some reason, the hemoglobin decreases in the body, many physical symptoms arise, such as fatigue, weakness, stroke, etc.


Why Does Hemoglobin Decrease?

Hemoglobin can be reduced for many reasons. If the hemoglobin is low it is called anemia. Nutritional deficiencies of food such as iron decrease, vitamin B-12, may be due to decreased folic acid.

Anemia is often seen in women due to excessive bleeding. In the absence of hemoglobin in the blood, the absence of work seems tired and weak.

In rural India, many women suffer from anemia in pregnancy. Nutritional deficiency anemia can be seen in this case.

In rural areas, the incidence of worms is more visible. Because of this, the blood is reduced to the body. Anemia can be seen if there is TB or Croons Disease or if someone has a malignant abnormal syndrome. Hemoglobin can be caused by a loss of liver disease such as cirrhosis of liver or pulses due to blood loss.

Other causes include blood loss due to some other diseases, blood is reduced due to some other disease. If someone has cancer, then hemoglobin may be reduced.

Aplastic anemia is essential for those who have them, but vitamin B cannot make blood.

In addition, if acne mutation occurs in oxygen, the blood cells become abnormal, thus reducing the red blood cells. Leukemia is the same. In this case, there is anemia.

Kidney has a role in anemia. If there is a disease in the kidney, then bleeding in bone marrow is stopped and anemia can be seen.

Chronic anemia can be very important. The organs start to be damaged. Problems such as heart problems occur. The heart cannot work well if there is not enough blood supply. Chronic anemia increases the likelihood of TB or any other disease.

If there is anemia, then the patient is less stressed. Face, eyes, feet can grow. Laxness arises. For a long time, the leprosy of the liver or liver of the child in anemia undergoes an abdominal stomach.

Due to the breakdown of blood in thalassemia patients, extra iron is deposited in different parts of the body and due to the long accumulation of iron, the function of heart, lung, spleen, kidney, muscle, and liver is wasted.

If you have anemia for a long time, it is not possible to run the daily activities properly. There are many different types of illnesses.

The organs of the child are made in the mother’s womb. If the mother has vitamin A, iron is low but the baby’s body may be very defective. Baby’s birth weight due to anemia may reduce the child’s weight. Growth may be hampered.

In addition, any hemoglobin in the blood can be reduced. If there is any cancer, it is not only hemoglobin but also reduces vitamin B, platelets. Bone marrow is Factory in our body. Blood is made in this factory. If there is any disease in bone marrow, RBC and platelets also decrease.

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common disease in India. It is in the case of menstrual women, pregnant women and children whose nutrition and nutrition are not fit. This anemia can also be seen due to worms.



There is no specific age for anemia. Anemia can be seen at any age from newborn baby to old age.

Many times Anemia has been diagnosed with other complex diseases. Then called secondary anemia. Secondary anemia can occur in renal failure, in any part of the body as a symptom of cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, and malaria.


What Are The Disadvantages:

In most cases, there are no such symptoms in a small amount of anemia. However, many people may have arthritis, dizziness, tiredness short of weakness, lack of breath, hair fall, do not feel uncomfortable, lack of natural life, inability to have children. Dermatitis is seen on the skin.

Do not neglect anemia. Growth is hindered if the children’s anemia treatment is not good. The voice of the voice is weak.

It is important to eat vitamin A, vitamins, if needed, for four to six months after delivery, from morning to early pregnancy. She has to eat balanced nutritious food. To eat milk, eggs, liver, pulses, chicken, soybean, etc. Do not see if food is properly digested. Chronic anemia is harmful to the elderly. As a result, there is a possibility of heart failure, so the heart is more likely to grow. On the other hand, heart failure is not unusual.


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