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What Is Love?

what is Love

Love has no law but its own. Shakespeare has often alluded to the notion that love is blind. The poet says that love and reasons keep little company together. So, we cannot logically pen love down to any neat definition.

Yet how often do you contemplate on what is love? In fact, we all muse over this topic at least once in our lifetime. In my opinion, love consists of a complex set of emotions. These are mixed emotions of passion, protectiveness, care, obligation, loyalty, and respect for another person. When we love someone, we try to find happiness in that person’s joy. Our loved one’s pain inflicts in us and aches our hearts too.

The world of science and research has identified oxytocin as the “love hormone”. Scientists say that the release of oxytocin in your brain builds mutual trust creates a sense of attachment with your partner. The hormone basically acts as a neurotransmitter.

So, cupid’s arrow is not the only reason behind your falling in love maybe!! What do you say?

Types Of Love

As you must be knowing that love exists in many forms. The Christian philosophers have classified love in 4 broad categories.

They are as follows:

Agape love Or Selfless love:

 This is believed to be the purest of all the forms in which love exists. This is very rare in kind. Such love is selfless and unconditional. Agape love is altruistic and “the love of God for man and of man for God” is the finest example of this type of love.

Philia Or affectionate love:

This is the kind of love that creates bonds of friendship. So you share this kind of love with your friends. Such love is full of affection and devoid of sexual attraction. In the notions of Plato, not all love have to be associated with romance. Some loves are very strong in nature and also devoid of any sexual act. This is also known as platonic love. This usually happens between two people who consider themselves to be equal and are affectionate towards each other.

Eros Or Passionate Love:

The ancient Greeks worshipped Eros as the god of love and fertility. So, the term Eros is typically associated with passionate and romantic love. It is a form of sexual attraction and desire.

The Greeks believed that such love can drive a person astray, often leading him to destruction. But in the modern world, such beliefs do not make sense. Though some of us still stick to the belief that such love “burns hot and bright, it burns out fast.”

Storge Or Familiar love:

Storge means the kind of love which is born out of the feelings of familiarity. So we may say that storge is ”familiar love”. We share such kind of love with our family members. The love of the parents for their children is the finest example of this kind of love.

There are also some other kinds of love such as self-love (the love for oneself), obsessive love or mania, playful love, etc.

Love And Relationship

Do you know that the success of a relationship depends largely on the depth of love between the people sharing the bond?

Yes, the more intense your sense of love and respect, the more is the certainty of your relationship.

Without love, no personal relationship can survive in the long term. In fact, your relationships with your works or duties are also strengthened by the feelings of love. If you love to practice your profession, only then will you be able to succeed in your career.

You may not agree upon any particular definition of love. But you have to agree and keep faith in love’s ability to vitalize both our physical and psychological well-being.

So, let it be your personal relationships or relationships in the professional domain, careful gestures of love can do wonders.

If you are a caring daughter/ son and want to make your parents happy, you must know that you care for them because you love them. We all love our parents and of course, they love us unconditionally. The most sacred bond in the world is that shared by a child with his/ her parents. Our bonds with our parents’ are always everlasting ones and this is the finest example to prove the power of love in making a relationship everlasting.

If you are a dedicated lover and want to enjoy your partner’s company forever then you will have to make efforts to intensify the bond of love between you and your partner. With love comes the feelings of care and respect. Thus, a loving partner will also be a caring one.

In the journey of our life, we happen to share different kinds of relationships in different spheres. In schools and colleges, we share bonds of friendship with our classmates. We grow together and start to be each other’s support in happiness and pain. Later in our workplace, we come across many people and start to connect with some of them. We are closer to some than others. This depends upon the intensity of love that exists between us.

Then comes the most cherished form of love that we share with our siblings. Siblings are probably one of the most important parts of our growing up. We share a very bittersweet kind of relationships with our siblings. At the end of the day when we look for someone to share our daily stories with, we always get them by our side.

You have a loving relationship with anything around you say your storybook for example. We can love anything which reassures us and fills our troubled mind with calmness. Your pet dog can be your best friend on a lonesome day.

You cannot define a relationship based on real love but you can surely feel it from the core of your heart. The essence of love is really inexplicable in words.

By now you must have realized what a healthy relationship is. A healthy relationship is the one that is based on the feeling of mutual love and respect. Your loving attitude can heal the wounds, if any, in your relationship with your loved one.  Relationships are actually not hard to maintain. Hardship is not an inherent trait of relationships. We make things complex in a relationship by misunderstanding each other and letting ego to be a barrier in the path of a free flow of love and loyalty.

True Love

The question of how to learn and be sure if the love between you and the opposite person is true or not often strikes your mind. Isn’t it? Rather it is a vital question that often batters our sense of security in a relationship.

Do You Know What True Love Is?

 If your love for someone is true, you will always be bothered about your loved one’s happiness. You will try not to hurt or abuse him/ her ever. You might be highly protective and possessive to some extent.

Following are some signs which signify the existence of true love in a relationship:

Selflessness: True love is never selfish and conditional. Unconditional lovers enjoy the essence of love through mutual give and take.

If love is true then you can effortlessly make sacrifices to make your loved ones happy.

A true lover will never hurt his/ her loved ones.

If you are in true love, then your heart will fill with utter happiness just at the sight of your loved one’s happy face.

If the love is true then you may get pain from any unexpected enactment of your loved one. But you will never be angry with them. So in true love, there is anguish but no anger.

If you are truly in love with someone then you will always put efforts to improve and boost up the health of your relationship.

So, what’s your opinion about the trueness of love in your relationship?

Love is a key to happy and healthy relationships.

An astonishing amount has been written on the importance of love as a key to a happy relationship. You may notice that a person who gets proper love and care is more friendly and approachable in nature. On the other hand, a person who doesn’t get the touch of love is always cantankerous and testy.

A baby’s development- physical and mental can get delayed if he/ she is now t given sufficient love and care. And care and love go hand in hand. You can’t care for someone without loving him/ her.

Do you know that feeling unloved can lead to depressing mental state and lower self-esteem? Love contributes to the long term mental and physical health of a person. Love helps us to emotionally connect to the rest of the world.

 You will be surprised to know that love has a role to play in increasing our immunity too. Love has the ability to make the world a better place. With love, you can conquer the feeling of strong aversion and create a harmonious and peaceful world around. The healing power of love is unbeatable and has been a favorite topic of poets, philosophers, and scientists since time immemorial.

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