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Tesla Model 3 Review

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Feature, Costing, And Maintenance

Now a day Tesla car various model in the market. Like Model-S, Model-X, Model-Y, Model-3. In best Tesla model 3 is best for the electric vehicle. Why Tesla model 3 is most valuable? So, we will elaborate this-


Why You Chose Tesla Model 3?

  • Very handy budged at $35000 in all over electric car market.
  • Safety performance is very high in all the category belonging 5 stars.
  • Its performance very good any other before Tesla model (model S).
  • It is a dual model motor car.
  • Speed varies in 3.2sec from 0 to 6 Mph.
  • The interior design is an amazing premium interior and all-weather control.

Tesla model 3 car describe all feature, costing, maintenance


Safety Dignity:

In Tesla model 3 safety of this car very carefully handle-

  • It is full metal structure, mainly aluminum and steel for Rigid structure.
  • In a safety test, all the body of the car is 4 times to same own mass.
  • This is an electric car, so firstly battery part is very important for this vehicle. The battery packing is protected to every side, very straightly and packed up.
  • Solid metal body structure provided a very low center of gravity for low risk.


Dual Motor Drive:

Tesla model 3 car’s specialty is it has Dual Independent Motor.

  • As following these two independent motor controls the torque response in 10 milliseconds.
  • And it controls the car handling and traction(way) control.
  • Advantage of the dual motor, anyhow on the road the one motor cannot be working. then the second independent motor will overcome this, and you will continence your driving.


Future Driving Autopilot:

  • Autopilot is means the driverless safely Driving on the road is called autopilot mode. Tesla group work on this for future driving to improve.
  • In Tesla model 3 the feature of autopilot is convenient depends on this –

Navigation auto pilot, auto park, auto lane change, auto-star.

  • This feature will work depend on the 360-degree visible sensor and 12 ultrasonic sensors.
  • The autopilot device is in two times prove to the human drive in safely.


Interior Designed:

  • The interior design is built very comfortably and premium.
  • It has 5 Adult seats.
  • A15 inch touch screen is near in driver to control the overall system.
  • At the very plus point, Tesla model 3 is controlled in your smartphone touch.
  • In the car, the sensor sensitivity and creating the seat adjust the seat position what you need.
  • It is all weather comfort.


Working Performance:

Tesla model 3 acceleration is very quickly as the 3.2 seconds the Tesla model 3 accelerate from 0.60 mph.

  • It is all wheel drives performance is very good.
  • Break control and low suspension control is very good in all-weather condition.
  • The carbon fiber spoiler being strongly improved the speed up.
  • The metal aluminum-steel body is perfectly designed.


The Tesla model 3 car is working on electric. So, the no need for oil or gas used. Nature is pollution free.

  • As Tesla model 3 is electric, so charging the car battery is more important.
  • The model 3 car give a supercharger and plug. Duration of charging time is very little nearly 30 min.
  • After fully charging then you will go anywhere you want.


Car Specified Warranty:

  • Tesla gives a 4-year warranty for the model 3 car on road 50,000 miles.
  • The battery part of the electric model 3 car is a warranty to 8-year
  • The drive unit of the model 3 car is a warranty to 120,000 miles.



The costing (price) of the Tesla Model 3 car is very different in a different country.

  • The price of the model 3 car in the USA is nearly $ is the starting price.
  • The price of the model 3 car in Canada is nearly $45600 CAD (Starting PRICE).
  • The starting price of the model 3 car in INDIA is nearly 22L to 23L.