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Primary Prevention Of Kidney Disease

Primary Prevention Of Kidney Disease

Today the most important need to know kidney diseases. It has been found that around 85 million people are suffering from kidney related diseases. Nearly 2.4 million people died of chronic kidney disease. In addition to the number of people suffering from the disease in the world, the number of deaths has reached number six due to kidney diseases. For this, we are making everybody aware that kidney disease is detected in the first place and people can get treatment opportunities. Once it has reached a level of happiness from the initial stage, then it becomes difficult for the patient to recover. So primary prevention of kidney disease should be kept in everyone.


Kidney’s Main Work:

  • Protect water equality in the body.
  • Protect electrolyte balance in the body.
  • Protect body fluid acid equation balance.
  • Emissions of body-rich foods, toxic substances, and other medicines received.
  • Preserve various functional components of the body.
  • Kidney hormones and metabolic work, etc.


Problems Of Kidney Disease And More Symptoms:

Signs that are exposed to various diseases of kidney, ureter, urinary, etc. are pain, bloody urine (hematuria), low urination or complete closing, repeated urine, excess urine overnight, urine with irritation, urine with urine Or gas discharge (pneumaturia), falling under the urine, urination uncontrolled, urine (Euro) pus or blood discharge, feet, and mouth swelling, breathing difficulties etc.

  • Urine frequent urination, frequent urine, a decrease of amount, urine closure due to inflammation.
  • Due to irritation of pain, pain, usually urinary or prostate gland
  • There is a disease or mental or neurological condition in the urine tract repeatedly during the urine.
  • If the urine comes first in the urine, then it should be thought that it is coming from the prostate gland or anterior urethra.
  • If blood arrives at the end of urine, it should be understood that due to the rage of the urinary bladder, posterior urethra or triangle
  • If you see blood with all urine, it is important to understand that due to any diseases like kidney, ureter or bladder.

Besides, kidney disease can be suspected as a common symptom. Such as mouth, hands, legs, eyesight, whole body swelling, anemia, high blood pressure, frequent diarrhea, and not normal growth of children.


Urine Test:

Different types of tests are needed to find out the source of the disease. Such as routine blood, urine tests, cultures, biological chemical tests, X-rays, U.S.G., radionucleotide scanning, MRI, biopsy, etc.


The Cause Of Kidney Disease:

Bacterial infection, diabetes mellitus or honey, high blood pressure, high intake of colored foods, high levels of medicines, especially pain and pain miscarriage, high intake of snake bites, etc. are the main reasons.

Ayurveda mentions kidney diseases. The causes of symptoms, signs, and treatment of significant diseases such as mucous, bladder, rash, kidney stones, pain, etc. have been described.

The main diseases of kidneys in modern medical science are acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, renal stone diseases, stone diseases, urinary tract infections, etc.


Primary Prevention Of Kidney Disease:

To prevent kidney problems, be aware of the following factors.

  • Have a moderate amount of pure drinking water.
  • Any type of infection should be treated properly. Because the effects of all the bacterial infections are on kidneys.
  • Physical weight loss.
  • It may be beneficial to reduce the pressure to relax.
  • It is important to stop eating excess salt, sugar and spicy food.
  • Stop junk food consumption completely.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking, drinking, betting.
  • Diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure should be controlled regularly. Not only that, at least once a year, there is absolutely no urgent need to perform the necessary tests according to the doctor’s advice.



Usually, there is no symptom in early kidney disease. Whether it is published or not, everyone can not understand easily. If they go to a local doctor, they do not think seriously about the matter. Therefore, the diagnosis and treatment of proper diseases are delayed.


Kidney Disease And Diet:

Diet will depend on the disease. So the concerned doctor will treat the patient as he treats the food and drink. You should drink at least three liters of water all day to prevent kidney stones or stones. Dab water, lemon juice, lemon juice can be eaten. Eat less salt. You can eat plenty of milk, yogurt and so on. To create oxalate national stone, eat spinach, peas, tomato, penny, cucumber, sofa, sea fish, red-meat less. Drink more hot tea, coffee, and cold drinks less. Stop drinking alcoholic beverages from uric acid.


Important note:

My all respected viewers this information of the article”Primary Prevention Of Kidney Disease” collected from Specialist Dr.Shamol Vattyachariya and Dr. Benimadhab Das Adhikari.

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