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Internet Addiction Disorder | Dangerous For Our Society

internet addiction disorder

The Internet is a new milestone in the development of human civilization. The Internet has changed our social, practical and personal lives. The world is now in our capacity for the Internet. Yes, it’s okay, it’s just about the phone. If the phone is smart then it is not there. If you have a smartphone and if there is an internet then there will be a lot of different apps in the house. You can also play a war-fighting game on this phone. Very recently, the whole world is now playing a virtual war game like this. Even the game has reached the level of addiction in many areas.

Especially Boys-girls tendency to play digital or video games has increased greatly. It turns out that their parents are deeply concerned about this issue. Because they are not eating at the time of the game, they are not sleeping, their education is damaged, mind mood is getting worse. As a result, many times the experts have to take advice. Like addiction seen in alcohol or any other addiction, it is seen as an addiction in the internet game. After a lot of research and the opinion of various experts across the globe, the World Health Organization recently added gaming addiction to their 11th edition of the International Classification of Disorder, known as ICD.

According to the World Health Organization’s determined gaming disorder, it is said that if anyone cannot control the time of the play in the game of digital or video games and negligence of their daily activities can be seen. And due to excessive play, its health, especially mental health, can be identified as a gaming disorder.

Let’s talk about a little more detail. Well, what is the sense of drug addiction? Suppose someone is addicted to a little bit of fun, to call him addicted? Adding to addiction, we tell him that due to his addiction, the following symptoms are seen-

Internet Addiction Disorder Symptoms

  • Being enraged means his consciousness is surrounded by a sense of addiction.
  • If there is no substance, there are various behavioral symptoms such as mood losing or depressing.
  • Try to get intoxication objects repeatedly and gradually increase the deadline or measurements.
  • Losing interest in other activities.
  • Unable to stop yourself from intoxication.
  • Soothing, lying, and rolling back from the situation.

Surprisingly, the World Health Organization guideline for diagnosing gaming disorders should include the following symptoms for at least 12 months –

  • Cannot control the gameplay.
  • Play games by neglecting other important tasks or interests.
  • Continue playing games by ignoring the negative effects.

Not only this, the level of these symptoms is so much to be more so that his family life, social life, personal life, education, and action life starts to be severely damaged.

It can be understood that the symptoms of drug addiction and game addiction symptoms are basically one and both of them have a great deal of influence. Studies on young Asian boys have been found to be a part of the brain of addicted people who are excited to add to drugs while playing games on the Internet, they are just as excited about those places. These nervous responses have a profound influence on the part of the brain that controls attention, feeling, and function.

what is the difference between these two? The only difference is that drug addiction takes drugs into drug addiction, but in gameplay, without drugs, the addiction results start in the bad effects of the addiction.

The Disadvantage Of Gaming Disorder Or

Internet Addiction Disorder

Let’s take a quick glance about the bad effects of gaming disorder.

  • Dopamine-named neurotransmitters that are responsible for our feeling of joy and rewarding are seriously injured for gaming disorders. As a result, the chances of depression increase greatly. This can happen to all older people. But young people are more likely to be damaged.
  • Keep social intimacy and keep yourself away from social situations.
  • Emotional problems such as anger increased.
  • Cognitive deficits, such as attention problems, weakening of memory, difficulty in concentrating, etc.
  • Behavioral issues such as increased violence, disobedience, and no hearing.
  • Extreme disorders can increase.
  • Children’s school results get worse

Who Is More Likely To Be Addicted To Gaming?

The possibility of boys being addicted is more than girls. More likely to be addicted to children and adolescents. Those who have depression, anxiety (anxiety disorder), etc. may be addicted. The children who are very persistent and urgent about their needs are more likely to get involved in this addiction. Those who are invasive, and those whose emotions are very limited, can also be addicted. People who are not properly involved in constructive work at school or at work are easily addicted.

What’s The Way Internet Addiction Disorder

Counseling, especially Cognitive Behavior therapy, works very well for this type of addiction. Cognitive Behavior Therapies are used to determine the cause of the addition to man’s addiction and try to heal the problem by making permanent changes in his thinking.

Behavior modification technique works well for kids. In this case, the positive behavior of the child is encouraged by using reinforcing (prize) and negative reinforcement is used to overcome negative behavior.

Apart from the advice of experienced doctors, some medicines can be used for the purpose.

Finally, one thing to remember,

Today, the complete elimination of the Internet is not possible. Even in children, it is also possible to keep them completely away from them. In the words “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”.

What Will Parents Do To Prevent Internet Addiction Disorder

Firstly, if you are at home, retire from the phone. Give the child more and high-quality company.

Secondly, encourage the child to play in the field outside the home.

Thirdly, fix the emotional behavior of your child by counseling the child at the age of the child.

Fourthly, do not always allow your child to play games for themselves. As you are busy with your work, it is desirable to not let the child be kept silent in his hand.

Playing games means that someone has become addicted wrong to think it is wrong. If you see the behavior of the child and the practical life are harmful, please contact the specialist.

Important Note:

My all respected viewers this article totally informative and helpful. All information according to Rumjhum Bhattacharya Clinical Psychologist.

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