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How To Quit Smoking

How to quit smoking

Who have been smoking for a long time, It is difficult, but not impossible, for them to quit smoke. Let’s see how you can get rid of this addiction to smoking.

Way To Quit Smoking

● First, think about why you quit smoking. Every person is different, so choose the most important reason. Take into account the loss of children and families, the economic loss or the physical consequences of smoking. A clear goal is the most important way to quit smoking.

● Set a smoking cessation date. However, it does not take more than a week. Reduce the amount of smoking gradually over these seven days. If you smoke too much these days thinking that I will never do it again, then the mind will bend.

● Change your routine on the day you quit smoking. It will be a new day that will teach you to be healthier. If the routine is such that you go out for a walk, and have a cigarette before breakfast, change this routine. For example, walk out and refresh your home, then have a cup of tea.

● Write down exactly what happens and when you smoke. After eating or during work breaks. Before that time comes, you will encourage your mind to do something else.

● Tell everyone that you quit smoking. Informing family and friends will increase accountability. Don’t want anyone to smoke in front of you. Encourage a friend to quit smoking with you. Supporting everyone helps a lot in quitting smoking.

● Do something new, keep yourself busy. Something that physically stops you from smoking. Such as swimming, yoga or gardening.

● Reward yourself daily for not smoking. Deposit money in a jar or clay pot every day, the money you spend on smoking. After a while, you will see that there is so much money that you can buy some sports and exercise equipment or give gifts to your family. This will encourage you.

Tobacco contains about 7000 toxins, including 70 cancer-causing ingredients. Tobacco and smoking are not just for lung or mouth cancer; It is also responsible for breast, uterine, stomach, kidney or pancreatic cancer. It is directly responsible for hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis. Long term tobacco use causes signs of aging on the skin and teeth, cataracts in the eyes. Breathing problems. Abortion or pregnancy problems arise. The life expectancy of a smoker is generally reduced to 5 years compared to that of a non-smoker. Direct or indirect smoking affects the body. So don’t tell smoking today.

Tobacco Smoking Means Premature Death

Smoking means suicide. Smoking is a life-threatening phenomenon in indirect smoking. Drug addiction is making the home of the disorder free. So you are called a silent killer. Whose bad reaction is endangering human society. Let’s see what his problems are like –

One. Tobacco-smoking addiction raises heart problems. Breathing is created. Bronchitis causes such an illness.

Two. Regular smoking increases lung, kidney, liver, stomach, uterus, mouth, throat cancer. There may also be leukemia.

Three. Regular smoking is harmful to the eyes. Cataracts, nerve problems in the eyes, even the field of vision can easily develop.

Four. Smoking reduces masculinity, women’s fertility, abortion, less. Overweight childbirth, the birth of a dead baby, can cause uterine cancer.

So, let’s try to avoid it. All in good health. Everyone needs awareness.

Currently, smokers the number of addicts in smoking is increasing. The problem is so obvious. Let’s see how it spreads.

One. Half of those who smoke tobacco die prematurely. That is, five in ten tobacco workers die.

Two. Each cigarette is reducing human life by eleven minutes. So smokers live 13 -15 years less.

Three. Smoking regularly increases the risk of lung cancer by 23 times for men and 13 times higher for women.

Four. The probability of a stroke is 2 to 4 times higher.

Five. About 57 percent of men and 11 percent of women in the country are addicted to three types of tobacco. Girls are very accustomed to being bullied.

Six. The average consumption of tobacco in the whole country is 35 percent, while in West Bengal, it is 36 percent.

Seven, more than 2.28 crore people use tobacco in West Bengal.

Eight. Free addiction to tobacco smoking has created a serious problem in human society.

Nine. Every year one million people are dying in this world. So let people open the door to auspicious awareness for survival.

Important Note: Hi Dear, This Way To Quit Smoking totally analysis Specialist Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya ( Psychologist Doctors, Psychiatrists). West Bengal

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