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How To Increase Immunity?

How to increase immunity
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What is immunity? Human species from Guam man to present time millions of years after becoming a better man many of them have been subjected to attack of rheumatoid arthritis and corneal allopathy, hemopathy, In many cases without Ayurvedic doctors it is He took care of himself. We see many People wither together in the rain, but there is fever Few people In the house of ceremonial ceremonies Only a few people get sick while eating food. People fight this against different poison The intrinsic force that nature could have Through its name immunity, immunity Those who are immune, they are sick. Again immunity is too much danger but danger So immunity to the body is always in a balance Do not have too much, no less, not less.

Medical Say this equilibrium in science language Homeostasis, In general, this is Hemostasis but corneal equipment or medicines Do not protect through. This is the human body Is automatically controlled. But due to angle To maintain this equilibrium from the body itself, If you can not, external help is lost. This one It is called immunomodulation.

now I totally describe on how to increase the immunity of our body naturally…


How Does The Body Immune System?

Natural immune system Both work as external and internal.

External Immune System:

External coating: 

Cone reggae an If we want to enter our body then our body The outer covering, such as skin, hair and mucus Membrane first works out resistance.


Fatty acids from our skin Acid, lactic acid, phospholipid, immunoglobulin These chemicals help in the destruction of germs.

Allopathic ointment caused by skin diseases Even after killing the germs temporarily Prevention of this natural disease of the skin the chemical reduces drowsiness. Then Skin rages go away temporarily because of the weakening of the system, the rage Come back again and again. Body lotion, cream, Perfumes, and Cosmetics are also used the same happens. Currently, the leather skin The importance of this reason behind the outbreak of the disease You have to think about.


Internal Immune System:

Mucous Membrane:

Like the outer skin Inside the body Mucus Membrane and there From different chemicals, salivary glands sleek saliva, stomach hydrochloric Acid, rennin, pepsin, and other gastric infections help prevent germs. Also, if there is any external stimulant in contact with the mucous membrane’s ciliary cell, sneezing in the opposite of the cell The stimulants are out of the body.



Our metabolic wastes are the body through stools, urine, and sweat it turns out. So if after taking medication These normal drowsiness increases in the body The body feels healthy, but it is a good sign.



In our body Lactobacillus, e-Coli, etc. are some good bacteria live in. Any harmful outside These bacteria enter the body protects the body from fighting against microbes. Antibiotics also damage the immune system by destroying good bacteria with these harmful bacteria.


Acute Phase Response:

Whenever there is an infection or injury, the body takes action to protect the cells against harm, as acute phase responses. Fever is a type of acute phase response. Various Acute-phase Response Protin, such as CRP, Proteolytic Enzyme Inhibitor, Fibrinogen, etc. help in this. For example, CRP levels have multiplied if there are sudden infections The bacteria get trapped on the phospholipids and bacterial tissue can be hemorrhoids. Increasing fibrinogen increases E.S.R. Lack of disease in treatment decreases CRP, ESR levels.


These are the major components of plasma proteins and immunity. Interleukin, if some tumor necrosis factor, then some significant cytokines. If there is no infection, the action on the interleukin-1 immune complexes exits the prostaglandin. Prostaglandin stimulates the body’s temperature by stimulating the hypothalamus. Tumor Necrosis Factor increases catabolism. As a result, the weight is reduced. Therefore, if the weight of cancer treatment increases, then it is necessary to understand the boy’s rage. Resistance is returning to normalcy and working on medicines.



The most important part of immunity White and white lymphocytes help in this work. When a microbial enters the body, the lymphocytes swallow the germs (called cellular immunity) in the phagocytosis method. Immunoglobulin (antibodies), such as IgA, IgG, IgM, IgE, IgD, from B lymphocytes plasma cells, helps in preventing bacterial toxin. It is called Human Immunity. These two types of immunity prevent our body from disease.


How The Body’s Resistance Is Hampered?

Protein is one of the main components of human immunity. The immune system also has its effect when it enters the body from the outside or inhibits the equilibrium of the protein during internal disorder. The reasons for which the equilibrium of the proteins is:

  • Anger, anger, depression, etc.

For excessive withdrawal of neurotransmitters and hormonal proteins such as serotonin, adrenaline, etc.

  • Virus, bacterial toxic exotic proteins to enter.
  • To access insect pestle toxin.
  • The antibiotic and worm-containing drugs break the body of dead bacteria and create unwanted proteins in the body.
  • To get external proteins in the body through immunization or vaccine.
  • steroid, contraceptive pill, etc. for the use of hormonal proteins.


How To Increase Immunity Of The Body?

Immunity in the body can increase in two ways-

First, in naturaly, Second, artificially, i.e. medicines through.

In many cases, antibodies against the microbes in the patient’s body are prevented after the disease. For example, if there is no pox in the future then there is no pox. The baby is in the mother’s womb, through the pulse and after birth mother’s immunity to the mother’s immune globulin is directly available, which helps in the prevention of their disease. These are examples of increasing natural immunity.


Disease Prevention To Enhance The Right Lifestyle:

About two thousand BCE, the first exercise of Ayurvedic medicine was found. It has been said that according to nature, age, seasons, etc., regular exercise on the strength of the weight increases the increase in the capacity of the rage. Currently, the study has found that physical exercise, keeps people healthy, increases immunity and prevents many diseases. In 2007, the American College of Sports Medicine said, ‘Exercise is a medicine’.


There is a proper biography in Ayurveda’s daycare. The sunrise has been told about an hour ago. In the morning the environment remains clear, the air is free of pollution, the air contains oxygen which is good for health. Increased body force due to morning-to-day warming of the body. The everyday habit of fasting, some extravagance exercises, sun salutation, etc. also increases the ability of the rope to overcome with other benefits. Anulam Bilam, Kapalbhati, etc are very effective. So many fine exercises and yogasan should be done. If meditation reduces anxiety, emotional exhaustion is overcome. Every day you have to take a bath. Nutrition and force increase in the proper diet at specific times. Need to sleep for 6-8 hours at night. Sleep problems occur if you sleep overnight.


What is to be done in a season and what is forbidden, what should be eaten and what is not appropriate is said in the season. Such as spring fever, cold cough, breathing difficulties, etc. Everyday honey will be eaten in the morning to prevent them. Cold things, it is possible to grow this way by playing yogurt. Again, keeping the good deeds, that is, the social code of conduct is said to be done properly. Due to daily practice, menstruation, lifestyle habits increase according to disease.


Proper Eating Habits Will Increase Immunity:

Disease prevention of body disease. Due to the decreasing ability of many diseases. Consumption of food at regular times and balanced foods, such as carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals rich in nutrition, increases the ability of rheumatism. Vitamin-C enhances Renga’s immune system. Therefore, the daily food list requires Vitamin-C rich foods such as guava, orange, pineapple, alma, lemon, mango, etc. Talk fruits, apples, tomatoes, milk, bananas, spinach, germinate, etc.

Trace Elements Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, and Vitamin A, B6, B12, Folic Acid, D, E etc. On Immune System effective.

Chemistry-quality herbal remedies have increased carbohydrates. For example,

Spinach: Palang, Brahmi, Thanakuni, etc.

Vegetables: carrots, bits, tomatoes, rusty potatoes, etc.

Fruits: dates, orange, guava, apple, amaranth, nuts etc.

Spices: Garlic, Cinnamon, spunky leaf, etc.

Milk products: milk, ghee, butter, butter, kidney beans, etc.


Disease Preventable Herbal:

Various studies have shown the ability to increase the immunity response of herbal medicines. Increased immunity of leukemia glycerygene, glyceric acid, horse pudding vitamin, somniferous, and cholera curcumin has shown.

Chemistry is very important in Ayurveda. Its aim is to preserve normal health, enhance body and body force, increase memory talent, increase body immunity, grow youth and thorns, eliminate premature aging. The most popular chemistry is Chabnaprash. Colds, colds, coughs, and breathlessness are not enough for them to start eating from the beginning of the winter. The main components of Chabanaprasham are alma. Just playing alma increases the immune system. There are also other benefits.

The demand for Ayurveda in developed countries is increasing due to the increase in immunity system.

We do not care about the many trees, plants around our house. According to Pharmacceal’s 2014-15 report, these trees and plants exported about 3500 crores of rupees to India. It is easily assumed that in the developed countries, why the trees have taken so much money? Reduced side effects, increase in blood pressure, increase the demand of life on the body and mind, and increase the demand of Ayurveda in those countries.


Sports Requirements:

With the growth of the baby’s body, rapid change and emotional stress in the world of mind causes many problems. As a result, there is a direct impact on the prevention of disease. To overcome these, it is necessary to increase the activity of the body. There is no suitable field to play today. There is no place in the village where there is a place. So there is limited opportunity for sports like football, cricket, Kabaddi, etc. Any sport works as a beneficial drug when exercising.

The body controls all the physiological systems properly. As a result, the body is healthy. Can not easily cause disease. The digestion of the body increases the digestion, keeping the body, lungs, lungs, and heart better. The heart accepts a lot of oxygen-containing air through the refining system. Including pure blood is supplied to all the fibers in the body. As a result, the body can fix nutrition, growth, repair. Thus, the reproductive system also keeps good. Hormonal effects are very important in the body. Depending on the body’s growth, intellectualism, sharpness, much depends on it. Apart from this, there is a great role in emitting kidney stones and kidney stones. The structure of bone in the body through the scarlet system is firm, the body structure is revised. As the body muscles are strengthened through the muscular and nervous system, the whole body can be stimulated.


Important Note:

Hay my all respected viewers, I am Krishnendu Das. This article totally information related that must help you. Information collected many Respected Doctor and senior professor. such senior Professor Dr. Kunal Bhattacharya, (NEPAL HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE). Dr. Basab Kanti Dinda,(SENIOR AYURVED MEDICAL OFFICER, NATABARI BLOCK HOSPITAL, COCHBIHAR).and Dr. Dibbasundar Das, (YOGA AND HOMEOPATHIC DOCTOR).

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