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How To Control High Blood Pressure?

How To Control High Blood Pressure

The primary conditions for the health of the body are blood pressure normal. Regarding age, gender, environment, situation, sleep, temperature, blood pressure is waived. For the benefit of treatment and to estimate the loss of the limbs of blood pressure, it is estimated that the blood pressure of 120/80pphp is normal. The lower limit of 150/90pphp blood pressure is higher and 90/60pphp is considered. There is a wide variation of blood pressure due to various known and unknown causes including genetic and environmental reasons, with an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy emotional lifestyle, lack of health, eating habits, smoking, alcohol, drug addiction, physical labor, etc., due to hereditary and environmental reasons. If you do not know any reason for high blood pressure, it is called Primary or Essential Hypertension. And Kidney Disease, if you know the cause of Toxemia and Cushing syndrome during pregnancy, then it is called secondary hypertension.


Effects Of High Blood Pressure:

High Blood Pressure Health Chronic heart diseases such as coronary heart disease, heart attack, cerebrovascular accidents, CVA, cerebral attack, atherosclerosis, and renal failure are very much related to the disease. High pressure in the pressure will be high due to the amount of damage to valuable body organs. Illness will increase. Death rate ranges between 20 and 50 percent of high blood pressure. Due to the high pressure of the western countries due to the high pressure of heart disease and Japan, Taiwan and India, the incidence of stroke is visible.



All the options of high-pressure control are not handy. Genetic factors, increase in age, elimination of women due to menstrual events and ethnic reasons, can be avoided from being victimized by hypertension, health thieves, by avoiding risk factors, and by taking medicines as regular medical advice.


Some Ways To Prevent High Blood Pressure:


As the weight of the body increases, the chances of high blood pressure will be increased proportionally. If excess weight is removed, blood pressure decreases proportionately. With the rise of Central Obesity, high blood pressure can be found in friendship. So ‘do not forget the backdoor.


Eat Less Salted:

High blood pressure comes in easy control when playing low salt. Reduced blood pressure of 10-20 mm/sodium per liter of food. 70-80 mm per liter blood pressure control. The Japanese put 400 mm sodium per day on the food list. Because of this, high blood pressure related health problems are seen in Japan. People of low-level social level eat more boiled foods. Sodium levels in their food list are very low. High blood pressure problems in poor people are rarely seen. For this reason, cardiovascular disease and monk disease are mocked by the richness of the rich.


Low-Fat Food Intake:

Saturated fat increases blood pressure and serum cholesterol. The blood vessel becomes narrowed by the accumulation of fat levels on the blood vessel. If the pressure increases further, the artery can rupture and may cause a brain hemorrhage. When transfusion of fat deposits in the blood vessel, the blood vessels in the blood vessel can be thrombotic stroke due to thrombosis by reducing blood supply in the brain. More than 30 percent of the total calorie consumed does not come from fat. More than 10 percent of the fat taken does not come from saturated fat. Eat more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol (entering the body) in some way.


Eat Fiber Food:

The fiber of the carbohydrate foods made from plant cell wall is fiber. Their nutritional quality is slightly smaller. But their role is outstanding to keep the body fat free. There are lots of fiber in fruits, green vegetables, grains, and dry sperm. Fertility also reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease.


Quit Smoking:

Smoking has a deep connection with heart disease and death due to blood flow. Smokers who are 45-55 years old, who pull 15 or more cigarettes a day, are more likely to have heart disease. Smoking has proven the relation of Angina Pectoris and ischemic heart disease. Smoking stimulates cortical dermatitis from the adrenal gland, which increases the likelihood of infections such as blood clots, and increases the risk of thrombosis. Smoking reduces the amount of free fatty acids in plasma, and creates fat levels in the blood vessels, narrowing the drain. As a result, low blood flow leads to a heart attack, the possibility of cerebral palsy. So it is better not to commit suicide by not smoking.


Limit Alcohol Drink:

There is a deep relation to increased systolic blood pressure with excessive alcohol consumption. Therefore, keeping an eye on alcohol, the heart should not be drunk, so keep an eye on it.


Exercise Regularly:

In this age, nobody is willing to work. The computer is working hard, the carriage is the carriage. Machine Trail running through the streets of the village. The spinal cord reached the destination to play twelve playings. People, who are walking on the streets, is not seen as big in this era. But physical stress reduces blood pressure by removing excess fat.


Reduce Stress and Tension:

There is no time to think about how life has come in the world by whom. People are always busy to meet the needs of life. There is no time for them to die. With stress and tension increase, blood pressure will increase. The artery of the head bursts and the brain may be paralyzed in the nerves of the nerve hidden in the brain. The hands and feet are numbed by the dolls on the bed, and they may have to wait for death due to beads. So keep away tension from life. Stay relaxed. Occasionally get away from the distance. You’ll see the tension has gone to the pension.


Important Note:

Hay, My all respected viewers this article information related and this information collected from Specialist Dr. Madhusudan Bhaumik,  West Bengal.

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