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Food Adulteration – Need To Know

Food Adulteration

From the beginning of civilization, mixing adulterated and harmful substances in food has begun. As society and science progressed, ‘Food Adulteration’ has not been reduced, but it is adulterating food in more developed ways. As a result, the quality of the food is coming up and the health is suffering and new diseases are created. Although there is more than one organization to check the safety and quality of food in the country, the work is very low. Consumers or buyers will enjoy the results. As well as mixing food adulteration, more and more profits are being managed by a group of unscrupulous businessmen. There is a lot of adulteration in daily necessities. Here are some examples of things…

Food Adulterations are:

  • Ice Cream
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Spices
  • Edible Oil And Ghee
  • Sauce Or Jelly
  • Turnover

How to recognize all these food adulterations and how to remedy them…! So let’s go. Now discuss briefly…

Ice Cream:

Increasing the habit of eating ice cream. Especially nowadays teenage teenagers eat enough ice cream. Mixing adulterated or harmful things on the ice cream. Ice cream is made of pepperonil, ethyl acetate, butyraldehyde, amyl acetate, nitrate, washing powder (which is not less than toxicity). Ethyl acetate can damage the lungs, kidney, and heart. There is also a type of gum mixed in ice cream, which slowly melts. This gum is made from an animal tail, nose, and butt.


Amal seeds and Chicory powder are mixed with coffee powder for weight gain. Amal seeds and Chicory powder can cause diarrhea and liver diseases, pain in the joint.


As a hot and soft drink, Tea’s reputation is a global phenomenon. Prussian Blue is matched to bring color to this tea, which is harmful to health. Besides, Indigo, Graphite, and Gypsum mixed are the addition of tea cuisine.


Mixing adulteration is now the easiest thing to do. Nowadays milk is being made with water, detergent, fat, urea, chalk, Kostic soda, etc. It is very normal for people, especially children, and adolescents to recover after buying this milk from the market. In the face of this adulterated milk, there is damage to the brain, bladder, and liver. The lactometer will be boiled with a glass of milk. If the lactometer readings are less than 26 degrees, it is understandable that milk is mixed with water. Lactometer sprays many rice starch or arrows. To mix this adulterate, add iodine solution or tincture iodine to the milk. After mixing white milk becomes red, it is understood that it is adulterated.


Just being made honey with water and table sugar With the actual honey, these two ingredients are being bottled up by increasing the amount. Blood pressure fluctuations, honey is often used for liver disease. But if it mixes water and table sugar, it will not reduce the disease.


It is easy to mix jaggery in spices, especially in the juice of turmeric. It is mixed with hair color (metanil yellow). If any mixture of yellow color mixed with some quantity of muriatic acid (colorless fluid hydrochloric acid), if the mixture becomes gradually pink (reddish-purple), then it should be understood that it is mixed with metanil yellow or hairdressing colors. Use of such things will interfere with the production of kidney and lung diseases, breast tumor and sperm.

Edible Oil And Ghee:

There is a lot of adulteration in edible oil and ghee. And this must be tested to catch the adulterated. However, some general tests or procedures can be followed, determine the adulterated food. If the oil is hot, if there is more foam, extra odor or color disappears, then it can be understood that it is adulterated. About two times the amount of nitric acid in the test tube will be poured. When the acid level becomes red, it can be understood that it is adulterated. Then put oil in the test tube and poured it into the ether and shake well. Then the mixture must be cooled. If the ether solution slowly becomes dull, it should be understood that this oil is adulterated.

Fennel cut the oil in edible oil, castor oil, mineral oils, dust clogs are added. The size of fossilized mixed oil increases the size of the heart and increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. Castor oil destroys digestion power. Besides, they also damage the liver, heart, and kidneys. The motor of the brain can destroy the nerve and make the person lame. Dust destroys the brain’s balance.

Sauce Or Jelly:

Many people use sauce or jelly to make the food more palatable. Do not know what to do in the little sauce or jelly water to swallow. Add little hydrochloric acid to it. If the red color is slowly changing to blue, then it should be understood that the Congo Red is mixed. The same phenomenon will occur when the acid is exposed to the lungs, chocolate. This type of adulterated food can cause brain, bladder, and wounds in the eyes. There are many tomato sauce tomatoes today that do not have tissues.

Solid Thickened Milk:

Solid thickened milk made by dry milk. It is known to all. But this bitterness is now adulterated. Only paper, refined oil and skimmed milk powder are made of Solid thickened milk( latex). If you use these lids, then there may be problems with the liver and kidney.


Everyone knows about food adulteration. All of the health-conscious consumers now buy Turnover without urea. When you know the fried turnover of urea, some Turnover will be kept in a little water for a while. Then the turn and water must be separated. Now you need to keep a couple of spoons of groundnut pulse mixed with a little bit of water in the water. Mix the phenanthroline in the mixture. When the color of the mixture is pink, it can be understood that the urea fried. When this urea enters the human body, it is likely to cause kidney disease and cancer. Urea prevents women from pregnancy.

The food adulteration day is getting a new way. Recently the meat came in the head of the news. Here the name of some adulterated substances, which is mixed in food, is mentioned. For example, Radium B, Malachite Green (Used in Vegetables), Congo Red, Vark, Starch, Paraffin Waqla, Petrolatum, Saphrell, etc. So friends think Khan. Think before eating adulterated food. Stay healthy.

Important Note:

This article so informative and all information provided by Officer Sanjib acharya (Chairman, Serum Thalassemia Prevention Federation ).

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