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Fat Reduction in 30 Minutes

Fat Reduction in 30 Minutes

Fat reduction in 30 minutes without any medicine. Fat is not only harmful to beauty, but it is not possible to get fat after starting to bathe in the body. In short, the fat will be reduced, otherwise the body will be the homestead of the disease. There is a need for fat or fat in human body for roughly two reasons.


First of all, the bones of the body are removed due to the fat decreasing, so that the bones that are in the body to enhance the beauty are covered with fat. The collar sister is clear. It looks bad to see.


Secondly, fat or fat, due to lack of food due to the energy stored in the body, consumes fat from the body and maintains normal physiological process. But bringing great fat fatigue is a great danger. Excess fat does not only increase the likelihood of sugar or diabetes, but also increases the chance of cardiovascular disease by narrowing the circulation of blood vessels in the arteries.



Problems With Extra Fat


  • High blood pressure.


  • Cerebral stroke or paralysis or heart’s various diseases.


  • Increase levels of blood cholesterol or fats.



Do Not Ever Go To Reduce Fat


  • Do not know if you do not diet.


  • Do not reduce fat by eating any type of medicine or any type of market.


  • Do not miss wrong.


  • Do not stop eating unnecessarily to reduce fat.



Immediate Problems Of Extra Fat



  • Hot and easy to breathe.


  • Difficulties in mobility.


  • Loftiness and laziness.


  • Losing heartache and enthusiasm for any work.




To Reduce Fat


If you want to reduce fat by yoga, then write down your weight in a booklet at the beginning of practice. After a regular practice of one month, notice that your weight has dropped by 3-4 kilos.


If not less than you are not doing proper practice. Also notice that there is a flaw in error. Otherwise, you will be able to correct the mistakes made by a qualified teacher or specialist. Follow the rules and diet charts as well.


Exercises That Can Be Done


Firstly, empty hand exercises have to be repeated twice or twice.


Spot jump

Skip or jump rope

Font and Back Bending

Seat up


Grown up Padma







Gymnasium To Reduce Fat



Nowadays, there has been a tendency to practice the body in the gym and almost everyone has come in. Those who can take some time out of the busy life to go to the gym or health club, their body will be fit, and can also drain excess body fat. Besides, women should do homework themselves. This will reduce your body fat. Regular exercises to reduce the fat, seats, walking, swimming and breathing exercises with little hands. After a regular meal, do the vajranas must do the following.


List your daily practice

Fat Reduction in 30 Minutes by daily exercise. Not only fat reduce also any harmful toxin, bacteria, virus, many many diseases. You will recover and feel smart.

Warm Up Exercise Simply Exercise Handheld-

Jogging, spot jumps, skipping, front and back bending etc.


Movement Exercise –

Bhujangasan (Up-Down), Halasan (Up-Down), Paban Muktasan (Up-Down) Seat Up Flat.


Instrument Exercise –

Do according to the instructor’s instructions.


Yoga –

Padmasana (without nose-free breathing) will take 10 to 15 seconds of vajranas, yoga monsoons, elevation pavilion, flying and fire.