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Digital Childhood

Digital Childhood

Nature gave hands to the various components of childhood. Grass, leaves, flowers, grasshopper, uppermost, butterfly, rainwater, kingfisher. We took away everything from children. That’s up to the blue sky. Instead, the childhood of the child has entered into digital childhood. The unthinkable world’s El-Dorado. No more children go out of the house and do not even go to the top of the world. Now the whole world is in the hands of the child. Soft fingers hanging on the mobile.

There is no study report on how proud the children are on mobile phones, tabs, etc. But sure, parents feel proud? Thinking that their kids are weird cute! How fast technology has become proficient in the university The real truth is different. All children in the world are skilled at mobile gear because in case of switch press it is a lot more fearless than adults. Because the children are not as afraid as the children are worried due to any disasters that may happen. If they are very relaxed in Mobile usage. However, in most cases, the children do more inverted switch usage. However, it is not possible to learn the methodology of the two chapters. The parents do not care about the opposite of the clutter, but the parts love to think about blooming. Emotions do not always follow the science of efficiency. Finding the reason for throwing a class again in a child’s time after a good childhood, IQ tests have proven to be sensual in nature, so your children are mobile or intruder, but nothing is proven. Five years ago, the child is not well-versed and not understandable. At least say science.


Digital Childhood:

We have digitized a child’s childhood. In addition to remote control cars, dolls, we have handed over to the kids a killer toy – mobile and tab. Any child per telephone or mobile has an innate curiosity. We have been able to sell telephone to animals due to the skill of the government. The telephone is homeless now mobile has taken place in his place pathetically. From childish curiosity, children want to see or rent mobile phones. Parents give their children to the mansion. Never give up as an alternative toy. Never let the children cope with losing patience and giving the child to silence children. Many children get access to mobile phones to learn music or reading texts. In many cases, technicians, parents or parents are giving away the toxic machine to the mobile from making a technician. Giving a smartphone to kids is actually equivalent to feeding “one-gram cocaine”. It’s kind of astonishing. The same enthusiasm is created in mobile phone usage, the enthusiasm in the brain if drinking alcohol, marijuana, drug or one-gram cocaine. Some children are addicted to mobile phones. There are almost always parents and parents in the house, even before going to school or at home someone is going to the mobile area. It is a disease. It is a kind of ‘Dependence Syndrome’ or ‘Addiction Syndrome’, like alcohol, marijuana.

This addictive symptom or dependence syndrome name is given by the World Health Organization experts. World’s most important psychologists have started to believe that mobile devices such as addiction, alcohol, etc. have screen-addiction. The mobile screen-addiction is actually a death trap. Professor of Biology of the British Psychological Society, Orik Sigman warned parents and parents. Said that all parents who are going to walk mobile or iPad continuously in front of children, push the kids’ lifetime screen into addiction. In this context, a study report published in the December issue of the International Journal of Preventive Medicine in December 2014 provides important information – the predictions of how the children of the world or puberty are moving forward. For example, 72 percent of children aged 11 years and 24 years are suffering from screen-addiction.62 percent of the people in the middle of 25-34 years of age have screen-addiction. It should be remembered that compared to other countries of the world, our children get access to mobile phones directly because the parents give up to the children of the children, not thinking of seven-five. This does not happen abroad. Parents are very aware of the harmful aspects of the mobile. 10 percent of boys aged 11-14 in British puberty suffers from mobile addiction Due to the problem that has become alarming, trained boys or skilled professionals to bring out this boy from the addiction of girls, inadequate in our country. Like this poisonous parent, such addiction is affecting other practical aspects of human life, and the greedy aspects are becoming manifest. Together, social life, cultural life, and education, or student life, are getting tired of being crushed. Not only this, around mobile addiction, all the strange and bizarre diseases of the new generation are being born. Which are quite anxious.


Mobile Addiction Problems:

After a small increase in the face of a child with a mobile, the real problem of the real problem is understood. Parents get upset when class results for mobile are interrupted. The child is behaving in anger. I do not want to leave Mobile practice for a moment and return to the real environment. Sleeping at my hands while eating- Apart from this, there have been many more annoying behaviors. Parents cannot understand the addiction of the children in their childhood. Rather the children’s screen proudly boasts of their parents. Parents are proud to think, my child can listen to music on mobile. Can play video. It can also open the net and download songs to two operators. Children can become Einstein in the future. These powers are those hints. Actually, these are the stories of Satan’s first night. Satan’s original game begins in puberty. Strange and complex psychological and social sphere fall into the fall. In the case of normal association with the first rib was cut, then the school was lost in training and studying.

In the year 2017, James Katja’s “Perpetual contact: mobile communication, private talk, public performance” is a terrible monster of the famous book, in which many horrific aspects he has mentioned are seen in our country’s youngest boys and girls,

  • Not being able to speak with your eyes
  • Lack of spontaneity in the conversation
  • Do not miss the surrounding events.
  • Obtaining the power of monitoring.

In fact, the mobile is so absorbed that the minimum power of social interaction in normal life is not left. There are also different aspects of lifestyle, such as the importance of food is reduced to them. Because the taste and smell of food do not attract them due to the look of the mobile to eat, if the food is not satisfied, then the problem of digestion is chasing. Because of this addiction, children cannot taste the taste of the world perfectly. Because they are always in the circle of mobile, they live in “the world of partial concentration”. They cannot take continuous attention anywhere – not in studies, nor on the road, as a result of which children’s accidents are more common.

The new generation of infants, puberty and adults have been added to a terrible form of irritation – much like converging into a black hole belly. Going forward but not returning. The symptom is digital depersonalization.

It’s easy enough to talk about it. The subject can be easily explained if a book name is mentioned. That is Sherry Tarkley’s Elon Tugedar: Who We Discover More from Technology and Less from It Other The name of a very strong book, but it is said to be the case of a new generation of personalities. We are all alone in the middle; Why do we expect too much from technology and expect less from each other. With the help of small to parents, the digital love is so big that the kids are thinking of themselves as a digital unit or a digital unit in puberty, people are not thinking of themselves as humans. That’s a terrible psychological disaster. Their personalities disappear, the digital rust is going on. Because of the existence, Sattvic pandas forget about their human existence, following the digital instruction, jumping in front of the moving train of reality. Yes, that’s digital personalization. And this is the reason why the child is not able to recognize the child’s addiction to the child-what really is this child! The answer is a no-no. This child is not a child of Bass, Ghose, Sarkar, Mandal’s niece, he is the digital unit of a surreal world. They have no parent.


Mobile Disease – Disease Mobile:

Mobile addiction is now only a vegetarian family disease not only for Digital Childhood. More shocking other surprises have come with mobile. All these diseases can be from 6 months to 60 years of age and at least coupled at any time. The problem is that the diseases are real. However, medical procedures are not yet included in the list of medical courses in poor countries like us. The problem is there.

To find out how much influence can be made on the human health of mobile, the problem of those who have studied the subject of Sweden over the Thome-Over study is:

Digital Eye:

The unrestricted Mobile Hour is creating pressure on the eye. Creating problems in eyesight and causing mental discomfort.


Text Well:

This is the source of the troubles of making mobile activities in the neck of the neck. The more pain that exercises.


Obsessive Complex Disorder:

The person whose Bengali language is used to listen to the well-readable frequencies of mobile phones, frequent attention of any call-miss cell or SMS or so. These subjects are included in the vaccine disease. It is called another check-hobbit or a feather of missing out, that means that he has not forgotten anything in the mobile? Always worried about this fear that makes the mind unnecessarily unhappy. Fair Off Missing Out is spreading the puberty kids all over the world.


Sleep Apnea:

Not only digital childhood effected. Everyone from small to large is suffering from the severity of this sleeplessness. The main focus of this symptom is “Blue light dispersion.” The light blue light from the mobile screen is disrupting the sleeping life at night when sleeping at night, melatonin hormone emits from the brain’s pineal gladden, which is the name of the hormone of the darkness. The blue light of the mobile sends false information in the brain at night – it is not night, so melatonin not increase. They do not fall asleep, so they do not sleep in the mobile area at night, whether they are old or young.


Popcorn Brain:

Those who are always in the mobile area, especially adolescents, have problems with their popcorn bone. There are many types of enthusiasm in the brain that are constantly busy with various tasks (SMS, Net, games, etc.). Their brain cannot do any more work if they are offline without excluding them. This problem is called Popcorn Brain.


Phantom Vibration Syndrome:

A kind of spectral awareness is created in the brain. This happens due to mobile addiction. This makes the mobile user scared and is busy looking into the maze. A kind of hallucination is created in their brain, false news goes – Mobile shakes. Only then did the user tries to run to see if some of the mobiles came to the mobile.



It’s a big strange disease. Nomophobia comes from ‘No Mobile Phobia’ Such problems are seen in adults as well as in adolescents. Each of them is shocked at the moment. Panic is the mobile, without the hassle, without the battery or without the signal of the signal. This fear has created many complications like sleep apnea, depression, restlessness, a decrease of performance and loss of learning, memory loss, brain inactivity, and isolation from the family. Nomophobia can be responsible for shingles and back pain, whether it is a child or oldest.



Screens On The Screen Toxic:

Those who are subject to frequent mileage or for hours, they may have to eat poisonous wool to their mobile phones. Children who may have to poison their screen in their parents’ mobile area. The thing to wear toxic to the mobile is that the grand mergers of the dirty, sweat, ear wax and air invisible diseases on the screen can make a mismatch. Because of this mountain, e -colin bacteria, which is fever, vomiting, and stomach are invisible due to bad. Another horrible bacterium can be born on the screen of the screen, which is briefly called MRSA. The full name is “Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus”. These bacteria cause painless boils. The lethal infection spreads in bone connection, blood, heart valves, lungs, and any wounds in the operation.

Mobile is not merely a tool for connecting. Mobile itself has become a toxic virus.


Mobile Rays:

The whole world is divided into two groups. One group says magnetic radiation from the mobile is working as a catalyst for the development of cancer or tumor in the human brain. And spokesman of the group company said that mobile rays are not harmful. The doctor said that mobile has a significant role in the treatment of brain tumor or brain cancer. It is important to know that there is no qualitative difference in the ray of ray and microwave oven used in important mobile rays. Cooked with microwave ovens. For a long time use the mobile ear to get the feel of the previous feeling and after the removal of the mobile ear, the feeling – is both one?


Addictive Death Penalty: Way To Get Out Of Digital childhood

  • If you want to save the child from mobile addiction, then decide – to keep the child alive on the real ground, or want to push the virtual world. It should be remembered that there is no toy material like mobile and ten toys. Mobile is essential but poisonous
  • In order to raise children, this lesson should be given first in some of the home-made items, and it can not be handled in some things. You can not put hands in this list first place mobile.
  • A study titled “Monitoring the Future”, with students from America’s twelve class students, found that all children spend more mobile hours than other children on average, they lead a very unhappy life. On the other hand, those who spend more time in other activities are quite happy. Other work is to exclude mobile hands and work like sports, wandering, etc.
  • Before you give the mobile to the mobile, you have to negotiate with yourself. In reality, according to your glasses, watch or wallet, there is no urgent matter on the mobile phone or merely the content of sports or hobbies. If it is not important or is not a sport, then why are you handing it over to the child to play?
  • If the children whine or scream, they will get a lesson from the children, if they give the child to the child, that it can be possible to earn anything in the world if it is dense to the parents.

However, you can discover more strategies for head-to-head if you really want kids away from mobile.

Come on, we all dream about this dream – the whole world will be filled with holy children. Children do not want to be digital childhood! Earth needs now – Human beings of bloody flesh.


Important Note: my all respected viewers this “Digital Childhood” article So, socio-cultural evolutionary information according to Respected Sociologist Partha pratim Roy.


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