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Blood Pressure: Eat Moderately Salt

Blood Pressure: Eat Moderately Salt

This article mainly discusses blood pressure: Eat Moderately salt, that totally informative topic. Need to know  What is blood pressure? The pressure is here to talk about blood pressure. Currently, blood pressure is a difficult problem. For this, social, political, economic, and emotional pressure are very responsible. Not only the elderly but nowadays youths young people also get blood pressure.

Blood pressure is commonly called the blood pressure flowing in the systematic artery. Blood pressure is usually produced by sending blood to the heart and blood vessels in the arterial system. Blood pressure is high during heart rate contraction, it is called cystic pressure, and blood pressure is low during heart disease, it is called diastolic pressure. So blood pressure is systolic and diastolic.


Measurement Of Blood Pressure:

Normal blood pressure 120/80 mmHg. High range 140/90 mmHg and the lower limit is 90/60 mmHg. Blood pressure is considered unusual in this range. Depending on age, a patient’s blood pressure is considered. Blood pressure is more common in old age.


Physiological Changes In Blood Pressure:


Blood pressure increases with age as well. Typically cystic blood pressure. Increasing blood pressure leads to arteriosclerosis at an older age. At the age of twenty, adult presses reached. After forty years of age, pressure increased noticeably.


Men’s blood pressure is a little more than women of the same age. This difference in women does not remain after the resonance.


Blood pressure is low in sleep.


Blood pressure increases due to anger, anxiety, tension, sudden scary, panic, etc.


Depending on the type of exercise it may increase or decrease blood pressure.

Coolness Or Temperature Of Warmth:

Blood pressure decreases when exposed to cold and blood pressure decreases if the warming of the room increases.

Blood pressure depends on cardiac output and peripheral resistance. If there is an increase in both of these permanently, blood pressure increases.

For a long time, blood pressure is high and often causes complications with heart failure.

Moreover, if blood pressure is high, then atherosclerosis, left ventricular hypertrophy, myocardial infarction, kidney failure, cerebral hemorrhage, chest pain(angina), Arterial inflammation like strokes and aneurysms, such as cauliflower.


Blood Pressure Increases Altogether:

More than 50 years of age and people suffering from loneliness may suffer from the loss of blood pressure in high blood pressure. This leads to increased heart attacks, the risk of stroke.

The University of Chicago researchers said that living alone at home, but people who are very social, if they feel lonely, then there is a danger of high blood pressure.


Way To Control Blood Pressure:

Eat Moderate Salt:

Every time you take a pot on the food table, you are taking a bath. Suppose you took noon at noon, at night not take. Thus, if the seven days cannot be avoided at the table, it will eat less than three and a half times a week. Reduce blood pressure. The risk of stroke is 13 percent and the risk of heart disease will reduce by 10 percent.

Accepting The Correct Level Of Potassium:

High blood pressure hypertension is due to the lack of a salt called potassium. If the reduction of blood pressure, adults will need to take at least 4.7 gm daily. Potatoes with lotus potassium are available to get plenty of potassium. Eagle, sweet pumpkin, etc. eat. Fruits include eating citrus limetta, cucumber, papaya, watermelon, mango, litchi, apple, banana, pineapple, grapes, etc.

Regular Sleep:

Sleep is big medicine to control blood pressure. High-pressure patients will have to sleep for 7 hours every night. Sleeping less than a heart attack, the risk of stroke increased.


Another big drug to control blood pressure is a message. Body massage for half an hour in the week for three days. Reduce blood pressure through massage and massage of coconut oil or any other oil. Researchers say that when massage, the production of oxytocin called hormone in the body leads to stroke. Such women benefit such women, and men also benefit.


Controlling Diabetes And Obesity:

Walk regularly and change dietary. As well as yoga and exercise. High pressure also gets benefits.


Important Note:

My all respected viewers I am Krishnendu Das. This article totally informative, and I information collected from Specialist Dr. Bikas Mondal. I always want to shear with you my knowledge for Healthy mind, Happy life. And a new happy World.

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