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Acupuncture Will Release From Migraine

Acupuncture from ancient times takes an immense role to cure various diseases without any side effects. Headache can be due to various reasons. These among the many reasons, the migraine is probably the most terrific. Migraine ‘is a French word. In Bengali, the word ‘araperpali’ is the same, but in some cases, the pain may also be in the head. Discus now Migraine Acupuncture Treatment.

The Reasons For Being Migrated

Scientists have not been able to find any specific reason for migraine. But increases the chances of stress, anxiety, excessive labor, ambition, high blood pressure, environmental pollution, frustration, and some diets. Among these factors, stress is called the most influential. Some medicines such as estrogen, rasarpin, nitroglycerin, etc. may cause migraine.

Migraine Symptoms

Headache is the main symptom of the disease. It is basically on one side of the head. This pain comes back in time. In prison case three to four days a week, in case of someone several times a month. The disease is first manifested in the age group of five to thirty years. Women are more affected by the disease. In most cases, from a specific point of the forehead, one or both sides of the head begins to spread from the head to the other. If pain is severe, symptoms of the patient’s vomiting, hunger, gossiping, not being able to withstand light, physical weakness, etc. can be seen.

 In many cases, before the main symptoms of the disease appear, it is possible to see water from the eyes, to see the color of the eyes, to hear the strange sounds in the ears, and to have symptoms of hand and foot. Which can last from just a few minutes to several hours. These are called ‘Ora’.

Migraine Acupuncture Treatment

The initial condition of the rag, or when it is very severe, only 2 to 4 very fine particles in the hands and feet are appropriately filtered. In this situation, the index is kept for 15 minutes and hand help is gentle tense. If necessary, the indicator is pointed at the ear point.

Migraine Acupuncture Treatment

If there is a decrease in the intensity of the disease, four more points are selected on the forehead. In fact, the symptoms of vomiting, hunger induration, and acupuncture are completely cured. In the initial condition, treatment is required for three days a week. Later, two days a week, treatment was given for one day. In most cases, the patient becomes almost completely healthy within three to five months.

Acupuncture is more effective than other conventional treatments in migraine. It is proven in various tests and studies. However, the test of the 2008 study by Dr. Andrew Bhikar of New York is a great example.

He selected 401 patients from England and Wales. These patients were suffering from headache for several days a week. Dr. Bhikar shared this disease in two groups. He only treated the first group of acupuncture. And give the second party traditional treatment ie painkillers and some other medicines. Those who have seen Acupuncture three months later, their pain is much lower than the second group and without side effects.

More Like To Reduce Migraine

Regardless of the treatment, the patient needs to perform several procedures regularly.

● Do not eat stimulating food,

● Excessive ambition,

● Avoiding drug addiction,

● No extra sunlight,

● Do not worry about living life, etc.

If you look closely at all these points, you can keep yourself free from migraine problems.

Important Note: Dear all respected viewers, this information provided by specialist Dr. Sandip Sengupta.

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